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Change can be uncomfortable and it can create unrealistic ideas about how it can affect our current situations. Change does not have to be negative, in fact, change can take you into a positive direction and broaden your perspectives. Shifting our outlook on how we envision ourselves and our passion for doing the work that we do, can make all the difference in how we interact with people and how we envision our goals.

There is power in positive leadership at any professional level. Learn how to influence change, adapt to new situations, and embrace the unexpected. 

Shifting in a New Direction?

Seeking to rejuvenate your skills or implement new ideas into how you currently provide services to specialized populations? Shift in Notion is dedicated to providing you with tools to enhance your skills and knowledge and assist you in developing and implementing new strategies and techniques to enhance your productivity and obtain positive outcomes. Through training, technical assistance, and consulting services that tailor to your individual needs, we are here to assist you in providing educational and professional trainings on a variety of topics, provide expert advice, and participate in community engagements.