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Our Services

All services are individualized upon consultation and strategic planning

Victim Advocacy Training (Intermediate and Advanced)

Obtain the fundamental aspects and importance of victim advocacy, strategize how to facilitate best-practices in trauma-informed and victim-centered approaches, strengthen support with multi-disciplinary teams, and navigate through the criminal justice system to identify barriers and challenges with engagement and participation.

Trauma-Informed Interviewing and Investigations

Understand the importance of victim advocacy support, identify and evaluate how trauma impacts victim engagement, strengthen approaches in interviewing using trauma-responsive and victim-centered approaches, implement practices to influence cultural humility and diversity, and process techniques in establishing rapport and trust.

Trauma-Informed Leadership and Management

Learn how various management styles influence a work environment and culture, examine strategies on effective communication and supervision, individualize your interactions and boost morale with employees and customers, navigate challenges with team conflicts, establish how to build strong teams and resilience through inclusion and engagement.

Strengthening Support for Children & Families

Childhood trauma impacts the educational process for children, their guardians, and their teachers. It is vital that educators and school staff know how to identify trauma and understand how to address challenges that create barriers in resiliency and success. Learn how to strengthen rapport and trust with children and parents, understand how socioeconomic and cultural beliefs affect communication and engagement, examine how individualization and trauma-informed practices can establish a strong foundation for improved communication and positive outcomes.

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